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Products & Services 

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The pool of our designed products includes Bamboo Household Items, Bamboo KitchenwareBamboo Bathroom Accessories, Bamboo Jewelry and Fashion, Bamboo Food and Beverage, Bamboo Musical Instruments, Bamboo Pulp and Paper, Bamboo Electronic Tools, Bamboo Furniture, Bamboo Cosmetic Products, Bamboo Construction Materials, and more...

Check out our most recent bamboo product catalogue below for your download convenience!

Bamboo Products & Promotional Goods

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Customizing & Product Design

Being a producer allows us to bring your ideas to life. Anything from bamboo furniture, bamboo homeware, bamboo packaging, and bamboo fashion accessories.


"Tell us your story and we will do the hard work."

To support start-ups and entrepreneurs, we also offer an acceleration program with no minimum purchase amount.

Our team of advisors, product designers, and engineers will assist you in developing the blueprint, 3D model, and sample for your products.


Customizable Options

Custom Engraving

We can custom engrave bamboo products with the branding and identity of your choice. Our design team will help you create a unique look to make your company stand out from the crowd.

Your logo or slogan can be laser engraved right on the bamboo products.

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Custom Packaging

We can create customized packaging with the branding and identity of your choice. You can choose from a variety of sizes, materials and designs, without limitations. Our team is here to help you create unique packages for your merchandise.

Custom product

Bamboo Wholesale

Whether you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option for your bar, home, restaurant, or business let BambooVision be your reliable source for all things bamboo.

While providing retail partners with our brand, we are cooperating with many companies and supplying them with our product. We are always keen on looking for new affiliate partners!

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Bamboo Sourcing

We have a vast network of suppliers and farmers that feed our production capabilities. Sustainability is of the utmost importance to us. For our products, we require lots of various species of bamboo.

We help you to find the right raw bamboo material for your construction or production. It starts from bamboo culms, bamboo poles, bamboo sticks to bamboo slats, bamboo panels, bamboo furniture, and bamboo consumer goods.

Featured Bamboo Products


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