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The Plant Fiber (PF) straws are made from various types of plant powder including, bamboo, sugarcane, cassava, and plant starch, they look and feel just like plastic.
PF straws are compostable and biodegrade in approximately 6 - 12 months These straws are designed for one-time use. The expected shelf life is 12 - 18months. These straws are designed for one-time use.

*The prices are depending on the sizes, import duties, and shipping cost of your country.


Plant Fiber 

Our plant fiber straws are one of a kind. They look and feel just like plastic, but they're not plastic. These plant-based straws decompose in 6 - 10 months. 

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Whether you sell bubble tea, coffee, smoothies, or cocktails we have the right size for you and your business.  

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Choose from one of our food grade eco-friendly colors. 

Choose between our angle cut and straight cut.

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