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MULTI-SLOT MAKES ORGANIZATION EASY: A three-tier vertical organizer with five sections for utensils, coffee lids, teacups, water glasses, sugar packets, tea bags, creamers, and stirrers.

Perfect for use at home, work, or a hotel: The workspace saving organizer solution keeps condiments organized and makes it simple to organize coffee and tea service areas in hotel lobbies, motel breakfast service areas, at home on your kitchen counter, and in other locations.


The multi-compartment organizer helps store loose condiments, ketchup and mustard packets, paper clips, thumbtacks, rubber bands, and anything else that needs arranging in its place until it is time to utilize it.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND Sturdy: durable structures are easy to place in the ideal location on work counters, kitchen counters, tabletops, or desks and are food safe. They can resist regular usage by office workers, warehouse workers, hotel guests, and others.


  • L: 178mm

    W: 127mm

    H: 406mm

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