BambooVision has a wide range of services. We are more than just a bamboo producer, we are a company that sees the full potential of bamboo. From sustainable cultivation, education, and original product design. Let Bamboo Vision support your next project. 

Through bamboovision acquisition of bamboo forest and farms, we are able to supply companies with the raw materials they need to support major projects. We can help your company secure the land and materials needed to keep your supply chain running smoothly. With guaranteed volumes, you can be confident your next project will have the supplies needed to fulfill your companies needs.

​Sustainable bamboo growth

Raw bamboo

& Quality control

Being an international company we understand the importance of distributing a quality product. We also understand different companies are looking for different levels of quality. Bamboo Visions system of personalized quality control ensures your products will meet the standard you're looking for.


Are you looking to create an original design for your company or event? Let bamboovision work with you to create the perfect product. We have the manufacturing capability to produce any product big or small that will bring your creative design to life.

Original Product Design & Development

Bamboo Consulting & Sourcing

Is your company looking to start using bamboo? Let bamboovision help you find products that can replace products your company is currently producing. We have a wide range of products that are environmentally friendly and 100% natural. Not only can we advise you on what products you can integrate into your current line, we can provide guidance on which types of bamboo will work best for you.