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The product that started it all, our Family Set is the best option for replacing plastic straws in your home.

BambooVision is a leading company that manufactures and supplies a wide range of the best bamboo products. We provide high-quality bamboo items created from the world's fastest-growing plant.
Our pool of products include Bamboo Household Items, Bamboo Kitchenware, Bamboo Bathroom Accessories, Bamboo Jewelry and Fashion, Bamboo Food and Beverage, Bamboo Electronic Tools, Bamboo Furniture and more...
We customize industrial bamboo products worldwide, from bamboo design blueprints to the finished bamboo product.


Our bamboo straws are an all-natural product and 100% biodegradable,  packaging included. The bamboo is dried, cut and cleaned. No stage of the process involves any environmentally harmful materials. Helping to create a sustainable environment is our mission.

Bamboo converts more CO2 than any other plant. By purchasing our products, you promote climate protection and support Vietnamese farmers and traditional handicraft businesses in Vietnam.

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Make The Switch

From Plastic to bamboo with our reusable bamboo straws.

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Great Addition

These make a great addition to any home and are a great way to impress your guests.



We can custom engrave the bamboo straws with the branding and identity of your business. Our design team will help you to create a unique look to make your company stand out from the crowd. The perfect items to use as a promotional good for your brand.

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We can create customized bamboo straw packaging with the branding and identity of your business. You can choose any size, there is no limitation. Our design team will help you to create unique packaging for your merchandise. 

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*Free cleaning brush for each pack

**Free package design over 1000 packages

***Worldwide shipping 


Our Mr. & Mrs. Big edition is the perfect promotional good as a giveaway for your event. Customize packaging and design makes it very special, you will tell everyone you do care about the environment.

Reducing the use of cheap plastic giveaway and replace them with a much more sustainable product. 

A lot of companies worldwide are using them to promote their brand.

We will design your laser engraving and own packaging for FREE!



*Free laser engraving

**Free package design

***Worldwide shipping over 500 packages