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The Paper Straws are finely crafted to ensure strength, reliability, and functionality. Using food-grade papers and Henkel glue, our straws are not only more rigid and longer-lasting but also meet FDA and LFGB safety standards for direct food contact products.


We make sure our materials are responsibly sourced from well-managed forests and responsible paper producers. 




The Paper Straws are available in many different sizes, colors, patterns and packaging types. From soft drinks to cocktails, juices to milkshakes, coffee to bubble tea, there is always a straw that fits the drink.


BioBio Straws are made 100% from natural plant components of bamboo and can be safely disposed of as general waste after use.

Our standards

Our customization service allows you to express your identity and message together with your commitment to sustainability. Tell us how you like your Paper Straws designed!

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