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Discover Vietnamese bamboo products. Understand which items suit your business, their creation process, and get insights on shipping and design. 

Check out our guide for a comprehensive look at Vietnam's bamboo expertise.



We are using Luong (Bambusa procera auct. non A. Chev.) for production.

When you wander around Vietnam's lush landscapes, you'll likely come across the dense clusters of Luong bamboo. Unlike some of its invasive counterparts, Luong grows close-knit, making it much easier to manage and cultivate.

Standing tall at 10-20 meters, Luong bamboo doesn't just impress with its height. Touch one of its stems, and you'll feel the smooth surface; however, it's the inner strength, its thick walls, that truly sets it apart. This resilience has made Luong bamboo a favorite in Vietnam for everything from construction to artisan crafts.

And if you're wondering why Luong bamboo seems so at home in Vietnam, it's because the country's tropical vibes are the perfect setting for it. This bamboo doesn't just add to the country's stunning greenery; it's a vital part of the local economy and ecology.

Compared to Moso or other types of bamboo, Luong is stronger and thicker but also more difficult to manufacture. Its biomass is also heavier, which makes it more expensive to produce simple products, yet it is more suitable for sturdier and more durable for high quality items.

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There's a significant difference in the materials we choose for producing our goods. We prefer working with bamboo panels. The reason is that production can be standardised, allowing us to utilize more modern machinery.

  • Bamboo Panel: A bamboo panel is a flat piece made by compressing multiple layers or strips of bamboo together. These panels can be used for various purposes, including flooring, cabinetry, furniture, and wall coverings. They often undergo treatments to enhance durability and resistance to pests.

Using bamboo panels allows us to more easily scale up our production to industrial standards.


Products made from bamboo culm are more challenging to produce consistently because each bamboo culm is unique.

Even though using bamboo panels requires more steps in the production process, the pricing for most goods made from panels is generally lower, primarily due to reduced manual labor.




CNC stands for "Computer Numerical Control." It refers to a process used in the manufacturing sector where a computer controls the machinery.


In the context of bamboo product manufacturing, CNC machines allow for precise cutting, carving, and shaping of bamboo materials according to digitally pre-set patterns and designs. This ensures accuracy, consistency, and high-quality outputs in production.

Using CNC machinery not only standardizes production and ensures consistent quality for mass production but, most importantly, it enables us to rapidly scale up production as needed.




If you aren't using fully treated bamboo culms as your raw material, then bamboo isn't suitable for outdoor use. To date, there hasn't been an effective method to make bamboo furniture or items crafted from bamboo panels suitable for outdoor conditions.

We've conducted numerous R&D projects to explore various options. However, we've consistently concluded that these methods don't meet the quality standards we demand for our products.

The color of bamboo is quickly affected by weather conditions, often transitioning to deeper, moodier tones. For certain products, like beach chairs, this weathered appearance might be appealing, giving them a "used" or vintage feel. However, for items like outdoor tables or benches, which should retain their bright bamboo hues, this isn't ideal.

For outdoor applications, rattan is a better choice. It's more appropriate for outdoor use, though its design versatility can be somewhat limited.

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When ordering products, many factories have high MOQs (minimum order quantities). This becomes a challenge for many businesses, especially if you don't initially need 1,000 chairs or 10,000 spoons. Launching a new product requires promotional efforts and setting up distribution channels. Having excessive stock in your warehouse as you begin promotion can be a financial strain. It's generally wiser to start with a smaller inventory and then scale as sales grow.

  • Our approach is different. We're prepared to invest in your vision. With us, there isn't a fixed MOQ; instead, we assess economic viability. We strike a balance between production and shipping costs, offering a minimum quantity that makes sense for both parties to start.

Our aim is to foster a long-term partnership and ensure mutual benefits. We want to support you in building a thriving business.



When a product is crafted solely from bamboo, the process is streamlined, with everything under our control. However, when additional custom components like silicone, plastic, or metal are required, challenges arise.

Sourcing these unique parts often requires us to collaborate with third-party suppliers. If these components aren't part of their standard inventory, costs can escalate dramatically.

  • Consider the need for a custom steel screw: a unique mold might be necessary. Molds, based on their intricacy, could range from $250 to $5,000. On top of the mold costs, we often encounter high minimum order quantities, sometimes starting at 10,000 units. In the past, we've had scenarios where clients purchased 10,000 screws just to produce 1,000 bamboo products.

While the cost is a concern, a more significant issue is the reliance on third-party suppliers' production schedules. Regrettably, not all suppliers prove to be reliable.

It's challenging to find manufacturers that consistently achieve the high-quality standards often associated with German Quality & Standard.


Vietnamese New Year, or Tet Festival, diverges from the celebrations in the Western world, much like in most Asian countries. The Tet Festival marks the beginning of the year and falls between February and the end of March; it is a period when the entire country is on holiday. Any individual working during this time receives 400% of their salary, as mandated by employment law.

For production companies, this period can be challenging, entailing a 14-day halt in machinery and operations, unless there is an emergency. Logistics come to a standstill, and the entire supply chain is disrupted. If it seems like the 14 days are disruptive, the reality is even more challenging. Employees often shift into holiday mindset a few days before the festival begins and need several days after the holidays to return to their regular work routines.

As a result, by the end of November, many domestic bamboo products orders start pouring in, and from January onwards, no factory will accept large production orders anymore due to being overloaded with requests. Therefore, for you as a client, it’s crucial to prepare and place your orders before December commences.



90% of our operations involve drop shipping for various firms. It's essential to understand that B2C drop shipping of bamboo products from Vietnam has its challenges. Over the past five years, we've experimented with multiple models for both B2C and B2B drop shipping, but none proved to be economically viable.

Shipping individual units from Vietnam to end consumers in the USA or Europe is cost-prohibitive, unless there's a consistent order flow that results in large weekly shipments from Vietnam.


  • B2C drop shipping, particularly for low-margin products, is not feasible due to the high costs of air freight. Essentially, the per-kilo charges for air freight make it an unattractive option for drop shipping.

We specialize in B2B drop shipping, typically handling orders ranging from 500 to 1,000 units. Our services encompass everything from laser engraving and packaging to creating all brand-related assets. Then, we ship the products directly from our factory to our customers' specified locations, whether it's an Amazon warehouse, a client's premises, or any other distribution point.

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Our passion is to create high-quality bamboo products with beautiful design, bringing your ideas to reality.


We offer our experience at no cost, aiming to help our clients produce the most cost-efficient bamboo products made in vietnam.


The blueprint is your intellectual property. As a German invested company, we also value the German work ethic & mindset.

Bamboo-product-vietnam-bamboovision-TBamboo-product-vietnam-bamboovision-Untitled design


Always ensure you feel, touch, and test every aspect of your product before moving into mass production of your goods made of bamboo.


BambooVision ISO 9000.2015
BambooVision ISO 140001.2015
BambooVision ISO 8000.2014
BambooVision Food Safety
BambooVision REACH
BambooVision FSC

When first starting out, manufacturing and selling bamboo products on a small scale, it might seem acceptable to overlook certifications. However, as we've learned, this oversight can become problematic in the long run.


  • To truly expand sales, products need to be present in multiple distribution channels – from Amazon to major supermarkets. All these platforms often demand certifications.

  • It's significantly easier to have everything in place from the beginning rather than trying to rectify it later.


We've witnessed businesses with incredible products lose great opportunities simply due to neglected paperwork. It's a disheartening scenario, and it's essential to ensure it doesn't become your narrative.

As your trusted partner, we can ensure your bamboo products made in Vietnam are compliant for markets worldwide.

bamboo product vietnam idea


For success in the market, it's essential to carve out a unique brand identity with distinctive products. Simply replicating what others offer will push you into a price war, which isn't a viable strategy for the long haul.


  • Our observations indicate that high-quality products with standout designs often fetch premium prices.


This approach not only enhances profitability but also resonates with discerning customers who seek more than just a price tag when making a purchase.

Bamboo product vietnam German Quality standard


Setting one's own quality standard is very important. It helps to avoid disputes in the future and ensures that every producer manufactures according to that standard.


  • When you provide a checklist for your own product, the producer must adhere to it.


Of course, you don't have this problem with us. Before we ever go into production, we have long since sent you samples for review and approval.


We create internal quality checklists for each product. Since we assist you in the development process, we know from experience exactly what to pay attention to.

Bamboo-product-vietnam-bamboovision-TBamboo-product-vietnam-bamboovision-Untitled design


A blueprint for a bamboo product is essential to ensure its quality, sustainability, and market success.

This design guide captures the essence, vision, and intricacies of the bamboo item, addressing every facet from raw material sourcing to the final product's completion.


  • It's important to remember that many engineers in Vietnam may still face challenges with English proficiency.


For our production team, a professional blueprint is vital for each product, as it significantly streamlines the process and saves time.


Typically, our bamboo product shipments originate from either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. This is because our primary manufacturing facility is close to Hanoi, and a significant number of our external suppliers operate out of Ho Chi Minh.

It's our usual practice to advise clients to work with one of our affiliated logistics providers, for a few practical reasons:

  1. Given the cost-effective labor market in Vietnam, shipping agents offer more economical rates.

  2. Foreign entities that manage domestic logistics under EXW terms often encounter steeper charges from port and transport firms. In contrast, local representatives are often able to secure more favorable pricing.

  3. We tend to promote the use of EXW to our business partners. The rationale is that by doing so, the designated agent assumes full responsibility for the transportation, ensuring a more streamlined process. When dealing with FOB or CIF, potential challenges may arise.


For instance, with FOB, responsibilities are typically split between two agents: one covering the stretch from the production site to the port, and another from the port to the end point. Should there be interruptions during the shipment, identifying the accountable agent can be cumbersome. This same challenge is present with CIF. Hence, we lean towards recommending DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) as a preferable option. This means the entire shipment process is taken care of, with products delivered straight to the client's storage facility.

Bamboo product vietnam air plane shipping


In the north at Hanoi

Noi Bai International Airport (HAN)

In the south at Ho Chi Minh

Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) 

Bamboo product vietnam ship shipment


In the north at Hai Phong

Hai Phong Seaport - National general port and an international gateway (Type IA)

In the south at Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh Seaport - National major port in the region (Type I)


Building a brand and telling your target audience a captivating story adds more value to your product. Without this, you won't be distinguishable and will end up joining the rest in the price war.

Using price wars as your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is the worst approach; it won't provide you with enough margin to work with.

If you're a startup and unsure how to proceed, don't worry. We've assisted many others in creating authentic, unique products. We craft exciting SEO-optimized content and offer a comprehensive design service, covering everything from your website and product explanations to packaging.

Berlin Loves Vietnam is an investment consulting company, and our expertise lies in building brands. With us, you will elevate your product and brand to a professional international standard.

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If you don't have a specific product in mind but still wish to start your bamboo business or have a bamboo product crafted by us, that's not an issue.


  • We can suggest products and designs. Sometimes, customers approach us simply wanting a table for their resort, and we handle the rest. Our experts will analyze your needs, and we'll design and manufacture a product based on your specifications.

  • Additionally, we can provide pre-packaging design and labeling for any product.

  • We have over 300 products and several concept designs that we've never published. We'd be happy to provide these to you at no cost.


Our goal is to promote and expand the use of bamboo products.

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Bamboo-product-vietnam-bamboovision-TBamboo-product-vietnam-bamboovision-Bamboo-Screen Shot


Start creating your very own


EL GAUCHO Restaurant chains

EL GAUCHO holds a special place in our portfolio. We designed and produced new items for their restaurant chain, aligning with their concept and promoting a sustainable brand appearance.

We transitioned their bar front essentials to bamboo alternatives, introducing bamboo dishes, trays, dish holders, lids, and various other bamboo products for their day-to-day operations.


This product category is one of the best. The natural beauty of bamboo provides a touch of nature to your workspace.


The demand for it is high, and with a well-designed and highly functional product, the markup price to the end consumer can be substantial.

We have been manufacturing these items for many repeat customers, including large companies and hotel resorts. They often seek to standardize their design across all desks or workspaces.

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Bamboo toothbrushes are attractive and sustainable items. However, therein lies the challenge.

An item used daily can generate recurring income once the distribution channels are established.


As with other smaller bamboo items, success is achieved through volume.

The shipping costs, relative to the volume, are too high for small quantities. Nothing less than 20,000 units would be viable.

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Bamboo-product-vietnam-bamboovision-TBamboo-product-vietnam-bamboovision-Bamboo Toothbrush
Bamboo product vietnam - bamboo cup Large


We wouldn't recommend starting a business in this category. The margins are slim, and to realize a substantial profit, significant volume is essential.


Truly profitable ventures begin with a 20ft container. Any volume less than that, and shipping costs will consume your margins.

Consider using bamboo panels as your choice of raw material; they also offer greater flexibility in design options.

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Bamboo product vietnam -bamboo straw


Even though bamboo straws are an excellent alternative to plastic ones, the cost for single-use bamboo straws is relatively high.

We wouldn't advise venturing into a business centered on bamboo straws. Given its low value, it's not economical to produce in small batches or to transport via air freight.


Only those with a strong distribution network, capable of selling tens of thousands of packages, would find selling bamboo straws viable.

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Bamboo cutlery travel sets and other types of bamboo cutlery were among the first items to hit the market. The competition is intense, and the profit margins on these sets aren't substantial.

The beauty of bamboo cutlery and the amount of plastic and other materials saved by it are commendable.


However, considering bamboo cutlery for single use isn't practical due to its higher cost compared to traditional wood.

Unless you're specialising in supplying large chains like restaurants or resorts with bamboo cutlery, it might not be worth considering this as a core product o0f your business.

Bamboo-product-vietnam-bamboovision-TBamboo-product-vietnam-bamboovision-Bamboo-Eco Friendly Cutlery


This market is highly competitive yet lucrative. However, it's essential to remember that while bamboo is our chosen material, the aesthetic design is paramount.

However, bamboo becomes a significant choice for corporations such as hotels, offices, and resorts. For these establishments, opting for bamboo is a conscious decision.


We've customized numerous furniture pieces for hotels and resorts, and these orders are typically large in volume.

We strongly recommend specializing in bamboo furniture for the hospitality sector in your local market.

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Bamboo-product-vietnam-bamboovision-TBamboo-product-vietnam-bamboovision-Bamboo Soap Dispenser 2


This category is quite intriguing, primarily because items within it are required in private households, hospitality, and public spaces.

We suggest creating sets of multiple items with a consistent, recognizable design, as this approach tends to be more attractive to buyers.

Bathroom items made of bamboo serve as excellent alternatives to the single-use plastic mindset, encouraging consumers to adopt refillable habits.

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Bamboo-product-vietnam-bamboovision-TBamboo-product-vietnam-bamboovision-Bamboo Soup Bowl 1 - L


Characterized by its nature colors and distinctive grain patterns, bamboo bowls blend both functionality and aesthetics. Ideal for serving both hot and cold dishes, these bowls are a sustainable alternative to plastic and are often favoured for their biodegradable properties and minimal environmental impact.

However, as with most small bamboo products Vietnam, volume is the key to economic success. It's crucial to develop unique designs and steer clear of merely replicating others.

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Bamboo flasks are captivating, with their natural hues and tactile wooden feel setting them apart. However, these items rely on other materials to safely hold liquids for consumption.


Pure bamboo containers can't securely hold liquids on their own; the interior requires steel or silicone linings for safe food storage. Treating bamboo to become fully liquid-resistant would not meet food safety standards.

Bamboo serves primarily as a beautiful aesthetic feature in products related to food containment, offering both a unique feel and appearance. However, using bamboo can reduce plastic usage by approximately 30% to 50% in such products.

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This market is highly competitive yet lucrative. However, it's essential to remember that while bamboo is our chosen material, the aesthetic design is paramount.

For the average household consumer, bamboo doesn't necessarily top the list of preferred materials.

However, bamboo becomes a significant choice for corporations such as hotels, offices, and resorts. For these establishments, opting for bamboo is a conscious decision.


We've customized numerous furniture pieces for hotels and resorts, and these orders are typically large in volume.

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Bamboo product vietnam - bamboo tea


One of the finest teas globally, it's not just about its unique taste or the myriad health benefits it offers. Equally crucial is its role in bolstering the circular economy of the bamboo industry.

By promoting this tea, we're not only advocating for a healthier lifestyle but also providing an additional source of income for farmers. More significantly, in some areas where bamboo is cultivated, it aids in sustainable land and resource management.

Over the past 4 years, we've nurtured Bleaf into an international brand. Our bamboo tea resonates especially with those passionate about healthy living and the yoga community.

We're on the lookout for international distribution partners. If our bamboo tea piques your interest, please connect with us.

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Bamboo platters, cutting boards, and serving trays all fall under the same category. These products, with their varied designs, are straightforward to produce and manufacture.

Design and aesthetics are tailored to their specific uses, ranging from simple to intricate designs with multiple functions.


We cater to numerous clients who source unique platters and designs from us for various international markets, including Korea, Japan, the US, and Germany.

We simplify the process for our customers by handling all the necessary legalization and providing all required certifications, making it seamless for them to introduce their products into supermarket chains in their home countries.

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The bamboo lamp market is vast, but it's essential to differentiate between the conventional, handcrafted rattan bamboo lamps and the modern styled ones.

While the market is saturated with sellers offering traditional designs that have been around for over 50 years, the real potential lies in modern, stylish lamps that cater to design enthusiasts and command higher price points.


We've been pioneering a range of contemporary models, focusing on compact packaging and user-friendly assembly for end consumers. We are actively seeking partners with access to domestic markets suited for these innovative products.



The realm of sustainable energy has seen an interesting entrant: bamboo wood pellets. While conventional wood pellets have been in the market for years, bamboo pellets offer an eco-friendly twist to this segment. Harvested from bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource, these pellets not only burn cleaner but also have a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

As we transition into a greener world, these bamboo wood pellets are becoming indispensable. We're seeking forward-thinking partners to join us in revolutionizing the sustainable energy market with this innovative product.

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bamboo product vietnam - bamboo wooden pellets
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Who are we

BambooVision is a pioneering company dedicated to harnessing the incredible versatility and sustainability of bamboo. Our mission is to create innovative bamboo products that not only elevate everyday living but also contribute to a greener planet. From stylish bamboo furniture that adds a touch of nature to your home, to eco-friendly bamboo kitchenware that complements your culinary endeavors, we are committed to crafting quality products that align with your values and respect the environment. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future with BambooVision, where innovation meets eco-conscious living.

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