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MATERIALS: Rattan, wood and stainless steel


100% FRIENDLY products made of natural rattan that has been carefully chosen to ensure good quality, durability, and user safety. Because they are made of natural materials, they will make you feel light and relaxed and make you feel as though you are in tune with nature.

Modern minimalist architecture with soft, delicate contours served as inspiration. Each planter is produced by hand using inventiveness and delicate embossing techniques. They are wonderful gifts for all occasions.


HELP US, KEEP THE PLANET GREEN: With your help, we plant a tree for each transaction you make. We'll plant at least 10,000 trees this year alone. Support our initiatives and lead a greener lifestyle without sacrificing quality or elegance. Being surrounded by greenery and clean air brings happiness.

The most well-known maker and provider of rattan furniture Botanica, is based in Vietnam. Our goal is to constantly innovate and develop new goods with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility in addition to preserving the distinctive cultural characteristics of traditional handicrafts.


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  • L: 305mm

    W: 305mm

    H: 457mm

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Byu one get one free bamboo products bamboo cup


It took us five years to determine the best bamboo product overall, considering all economic, social, and environmental factors.


Sometimes things are simpler than we think.

This bamboo item is truly standout. With impressive profit margins and scalability, it's tailor-made for effective branding.

The icing on the cake?

It's incredibly straightforward to integrate into a drop shipping model, making business operations smoother and more profitable.

The ideal product should be supremely sustainable and environmentally friendly. Its production shouldn't harm the environment, it should be economically viable, universally usable, and easily scalable with minimal investment. This would allow even remote villages to establish production facilities and ensure stable incomes.

Surprisingly, this product is also the most effective in supporting the fight against climate change, decarbonising our planet and empowering women, children, the disabled, and indigenous people in the remotest parts of the world.

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