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Introducing the “American Dream Cup” in Size L – a harmonious blend of sustainable luxury and generous capacity, allowing you to relish more of your favorite beverages.

This customizable bamboo cup is not merely a symbol of eco-consciousness; it embodies a vision and a lifestyle that is both inherently American and universally respected.



~ 330 - 380 ml



Inches: D 2.36 - 3.15 in - H 5.91

inCentimeters: D 6 - 8 cm - H 15 cm




Customizable Design:
Personalize your American Dream Cup with your choice of design, logo, or text, making it an ideal accessory for businesses, events, or personal use.


Constructed from bamboo, a renewable and biodegradable resource, this cup is a step towards reducing plastic pollution and promoting environmental sustainability.

Durable & Lightweight:

Designed for longevity and resilience, this lightweight cup is your perfect companion for travels, outings, or daily commutes.

Generous Capacity:

The generous size ensures that you have ample space for your drinks, be it a refreshing iced tea, robust coffee, or nutrient-packed smoothie.


Easy to Clean:

The smooth, non-porous surface of the bamboo makes it a breeze to clean, maintaining its appeal over time.

Social Impact:

Opting for this bamboo cup aids local communities by creating job opportunities, benefiting individuals with limited education, differently-abled individuals, and the elderly in villages near bamboo forests.


Ideal For:

Those seeking a unique, eco-conscious drinking vessel.Companies aiming for sustainable promotional products.Anyone eager to contribute to environmental conservation and community development.


Usage Ideas:

Present it as a thoughtful, eco-friendly gift.Employ it as a distinctive promotional item for your business or event.Incorporate it into your daily routine to flaunt your commitment to sustainability and style.


Embrace the confluence of functionality, style, and sustainability with the customizable American Dream Cup in Size L. It’s more than a bamboo cup; it’s a reflection of your commitment to a greener planet and a more equitable world, allowing you to enjoy your beverages with a sense of responsibility and flair!

Size L - CUSTOMIZABLE BAMBOO CUP (The American Dream Cup)

inkl. MwSt. |
  • The bamboo cups are crafted from 100% natural bamboo culms. Due to the inherent variations in bamboo culm thickness, the stated sizes are approximate and may vary slightly.


    Size L:

    ~ 330 - 380 ml 

    Inches (D 2.36 - 3.15 in - H 5.91 in)
    Centimeters (D 6 - 9 cm - H 15 cm)

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Byu one get one free bamboo products bamboo cup


It took us five years to determine the best bamboo product overall, considering all economic, social, and environmental factors.


Sometimes things are simpler than we think.

This bamboo item is truly standout. With impressive profit margins and scalability, it's tailor-made for effective branding.

The icing on the cake?

It's incredibly straightforward to integrate into a drop shipping model, making business operations smoother and more profitable.

The ideal product should be supremely sustainable and environmentally friendly. Its production shouldn't harm the environment, it should be economically viable, universally usable, and easily scalable with minimal investment. This would allow even remote villages to establish production facilities and ensure stable incomes.

Surprisingly, this product is also the most effective in supporting the fight against climate change, decarbonising our planet and empowering women, children, the disabled, and indigenous people in the remotest parts of the world.

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