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This may come as a surprise to you all, but here goes; we absolutely love bamboo, but what makes it so darn cool and so incredibly versatile? Why does it make such a great drinking straw? In this installment of our zero waste blog, we’ve got you covered! So without further ado, let’s go ahead and discuss some of the burning questions you may have had.

bamboo tree, BAMBOO STRAWS

Why bamboo straws?

Well, for starters, bamboo is the earth’s most sustainable plant (yes, it really is a plant!). Bamboo can actually grow to full maturity between 3-5 years and grows in abundance, mainly in the warm and tropical climates of Asia. It represents strength and versatility and is used for a variety of things, not just for drinking straws. It’s stronger than steel and is fully biodegradable, and the most important thing; it won’t contribute to the heartbreaking damage that single-use plastic is causing to oceans, rivers and wildlife habitats all around the world.

Bamboo straws; environmental impact.

Buying bamboo straws from real bamboo stalks that you can reuse over and over again is about as sustainable and planet-friendly as you can get. If we compare the damage that single-use plastics are causing to our coastlines with what happens when bamboo has reached the end of its life.

There really is no question on which material has the harshest effects on our environment. The good news is that once you have finished with your bamboo straw completely, you can simply toss them onto the compost heap where they will break down and compose naturally.

Are bamboo straws reusable?

Bamboo straws can be used time and time again and look great in any drink. Because bamboo is a natural material, they of course won’t last as long as a metal straw, but they cost a fraction of the price and can be used for many other things after they’ve finished their life as a straw; think plant stands and props for the kids school craft projects! You can reuse bamboo straws hundreds of times over, so if we do the math, they can be far more economical than nasty plastic alternatives that are designed to be used once, and then instantly disposed of.

Alarming fact: did you know that plastic straws NEVER decompose?

Are bamboo straws safe?

Yes, indeed they are! Bamboo is completely natural and our straws grow without the need for any harmful pesticides or chemicals. The bamboo is steam cleaned and pressure washed and unlike metal straws, do not conduct the heat from hot drinks which may burn your mouth. Bamboo is also great for keeping the drink at the temperature in which it was poured at, meaning iced smoothies and milkshakes won’t give you brain freeze!

How bamboo straws are made?

Vietnamese farmers will first travel into the bamboo plantations and forests to seek out the bamboo trees which are at full maturity. It is important that the trees picked are of good quality. Once identified and discovered, the stalks are then chopped off and transported back to the farm where they will be allowed to dry naturally under the sunlight.

The bamboo stems are then cut from their natural state into lengths suitable for straws. We are a zero waste bamboo straw company, which means that we use all parts of the stalk and the material. This is why bamboo straws differ in thickness; their unique charm being that each straw is completely different! Once the stems have been cut, they then gets sanded, filed and etched to give them a smooth and natural finish.

The last step is a natural cleaning process. The bamboo straws are taken away and cleaned vigorously and treated with, a high-power pressurized wash, again using no chemicals or pesticides whatsoever. The straws are then left to dry on large hessian rugs in the sunshine for up to one week after being crafted. This ensures that they turn a beautiful golden yellow and acquire that sun-kissed natural look.

For customers that require engraved bamboo straws or need wholesale bamboo straws for their business which includes a logo, the final step is to transport the straws to our engraving facility where they receive their bespoke touch before shipping.

Where to buy bamboo straws?

We are responsible bamboo straw manufactures, and our farm is based in wonderful Vietnam. We work closely with our Vietnamese farmers to create the very best bamboo straws for our customers. There are different species of bamboo so it’s important not to get confused and think that all bamboo straws are exactly the same. We are a zero waste company and the bamboo we use for our eco friendly straws is harvested from young stems and is 100% organic. It grows wild in the steep mountainous regions of the country and doesn’t contribute to deforestation.

We farm our bamboo responsibly and the technique used by our farmers is a century old tradition in which we upkeep in the most ethical and responsible way possible. Mass produced and machine made bamboo straws exist, but this is not how we like to craft our trade. Our straws are recognisable by their beautiful golden yellow colour because we allow them to dry naturally in the sun. If you want to take a further look at how we do things then please visit our page where you are able to meet our team, and discover the story behind our straws.


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