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Bamboo - for the Earth, and Your Life

Bamboo straws, it might sound a little bit strange for now, but we all hope it will soon become a familiar thing. This type of straw can be reused many times, we made it from 100% natural and sustainable bamboo.

bamboo straw in cup of glass

Imagine every day we use a plastic straw, these straws will take more than 200 years to disintegrate, how much waste will 7 billion people in the world generate each year?

Plastic straws are made from petroleum, chemicals, dyes and take a lot of energy to produce. We believe that just a small act: REPLACING plastic straws with BAMBOO STRAW will produce positive effects for our Earth.

With nearly 500 million plastic drinking straws being thrown into landfills every year, bamboo straws are a smart, green alternative to keep in your home.

In addition to being better for our planet, reusable straws will save you money in the long run. And since they’re easy to clean (just warm water, soap, and the brush that comes with sets) you’ll be more likely to keep using them every day, instead of turning back to disposables.

By choosing the right straw for the type of beverages you usually drink, the size of the glass you drink it out of, and the finish you’re looking for on you straw, you’ll find a useful kitchen tool that’s good for the environment, healthier for your body, and that looks fun, too.


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