Collecting school fees with plastic bottles, plastic bags, the school changed the whole town.

Instead of paying tuition, students at Akshar School, Assam, India, take plastic waste from home to school.

Each week, they just need to bring about 25 pieces of plastic garbage to the school to "pay" the tuition, from plastic bottles to plastic bags ...

At secondary school, the curriculum will include carpentry, embroidery, recycling, photography and even a solar technician course.

Senior students are encouraged to teach juniors what they know, and are paid by the school.

They also earned money by working for the school's Recycling Center after school.

They are taught to sort garbage, squeeze plastic bottles into "" ecological bricks "".

This plant is built from around 200 plastic bottles and 4,000 plastic bags (about half of which cannot be recycled).

The school also teaches students and parents the harmful effects of plastic.

Founding this unique school is Mazin Mukhtar and his wife, Parmita. According to Parmita, many parents in the area often burn plastic for heating and they were shocked to learn about the harmful effects of this on their children's health and themselves.