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The Process of Designing a Product Made of Bamboo / Bamboo Vietnam

Bamboo has gained significant popularity as a versatile and sustainable material for product design. Due to its robustness, longevity, and environmentally conscious attributes, a considerable number of individuals and enterprises are opting for bamboo as a means of pioneering product development.

The present article aims to delve into the process of conceptualizing and crafting a bamboo-based product, from the preliminary ideation phase to the ultimate realization of the finished product.

At our company, we have been developing and designing over 300 new bamboo products in the past five years. Our expertise lies in assisting clients with their product ideas and guiding them through the entire design and development process. We offer a program called Bamboo Innovation Support, which primarily caters to startups and individuals looking to start a new business or collaborate on a product.

Understanding Bamboo Innovation Support

The Bamboo Innovation Support program is designed to extend financial aid to our newly affiliated partners during the developmental phase of their product. The process of developing a new product necessitates expertise and can prove to be an expensive undertaking when collaborating with an external developer. The average cost of product development, inclusive of labor, testing, and materials, is estimated to be approximately USD 2000.

However, expecting customers to bear these costs can be challenging, as many might not have the budget or be aware of the expenses involved. Bamboo Innovation Support alleviates this burden by funding most of the development costs, making it accessible to a wider range of individuals and businesses.

The Importance of Starting Right / Bamboo Vietnam

To ensure the success of a new product, it is crucial to begin the design process with a clear and feasible blueprint. Our engineers carefully evaluate each product idea to determine its viability and feasibility. Our goal is to avoid developing products that may end up unused or fail to meet market demands due to high costs or impracticality.

The Role of Consultation

Potential customers usually discover our services through our website. Upon visiting, they can book a free consultation appointment with one of our team members. During this appointment, they share their product ideas and requirements, allowing us to assess the project's potential. We provide initial thoughts, ask pertinent questions, and, if we believe the product is viable for production, proceed with the design development.

Selecting the Right Customers / Bamboo Vietnam

Choosing the right customers is vital due to the extensive time and unpaid work involved in the design and development process. We dedicate numerous hours to brainstorming and testing, ensuring the product's functionality and quality. While we may charge around 50–100 USD for the initial test units or models, the reality is that we invest an average of 20–30 hours and create over 10 samples before achieving the final, high-quality product.

Thus, when collaborating with someone on developing a new, unique product, we prioritize its viability to make the most efficient use of our resources.

The First Step: Gathering Information

After the consultation, we request that the client provide a blueprint, a 3D model, or at least some reference images for a better understanding of their vision. Overcoming language barriers is essential, as our office works in English while our production engineers may not. Adequate information exchange is crucial to materializing our clients' ideas effectively.

In cases where clients don't possess any of the aforementioned references, our design team steps in to create a blueprint or 3D model from scratch. The complexity of the product determines the fee for this service, which ranges between 150 USD and 500 USD.

Model of bambo vietnam 3D, bamboo tray
SOLIDWORKS - Bamboo tray 3D model

Time and Complexity in Product Development

The development process varies in duration depending on the complexity and technical intricacies of the product. Some products necessitate adherence to specific safety standards or require extensive testing. For instance, our collaboration with Hiddenhelper on the Bamboo Stool for Toddlers took nearly two years to develop. We meticulously procured materials that adhered to safety regulations, conducted numerous tests, and created bespoke components, including the L-bracket, from the ground up. This degree of meticulousness guarantees that the end product conforms to the most stringent standards of quality and safety.

Sample Creation and Testing / Bamboo Vietnam

Once the design receives approval from all involved parties, we proceed to create 1–5 samples for our clients. These samples are then sent to the customers for confirmation and evaluation. While some customers may request skipping this step to proceed directly with the minimum order quantity (MOQ) production, we encourage them to evaluate the sample thoroughly. This process allows us to incorporate feedback and enhance quality standards before initiating full-scale production.

Collaboration for Packaging and Branding

In most cases, our clients also entrust us with developing the packaging and labeling for their products. Some even seek our assistance in building an entire brand around their innovative ideas. We highly recommend investing in branding and marketing efforts to showcase products effectively and enable customers to find them easily online.

We guide our customers through the intricate details, elevating their product with exceptional design and ensuring a compelling story behind it.

Ensuring High Quality and Functionality

Our paramount objective is to furnish a conclusive product that not only satisfies market requisites but also upholds elevated standards of quality and functionality. In conjunction with the design and development stages, we meticulously scrutinize these facets to provide a comprehensive package to our clientele. By integrating all essential elements, such as viability, quality, and branding, we create a compelling product that resonates with the target audience.

Connecting with Logistics Partners

Upon completion of the final product, we offer our clients assistance in locating the optimal logistics partner at a competitive rate. Through the utilization of our extensive network of logistics providers, we guarantee a seamless and effective process from the production stage to the point of delivery. By connecting our customers with reliable partners, we contribute to their overall success.

Bringing Ideas to Reality

Should you possess an inclination towards the creation of a novel product fashioned from bamboo or wood, we cordially extend an invitation for you to contact us. Our team of seasoned professionals shall provide comprehensive guidance throughout the entire design and development phase, thereby materializing your concepts into tangible fruition.

Products and Brands We Developed with Our Partners / Bamboo Vietnam


A brand that produces environmentally friendly, healthy, and delicious tea from bamboo leaves, Sophora Japonica, and Sweetgrass.


A sports brand that manufactures shin guards made from bamboo. It offers elegant design and an innovative approach to expanding bamboo products.

Bamboo Vietnam shinguard make of bamboo
Vanavero' bamboo shinguard website


They have also chosen to be environmentally friendly and offer bamboo steps for children in every household in the USA.

stool make of bamboo vietnam for toddler
Hiddenhelper's bamboo stool website



Designing a product made of bamboo involves a comprehensive and meticulous process that encompasses everything from ideation to final production. With the assistance of Bamboo Innovation Support, aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses can overcome financial obstacles and bring their innovative ideas to life. By selecting the right customers, gathering detailed information, creating samples for testing, and incorporating branding strategies, the final product can capture the market's attention and deliver exceptional value.



1. What is Bamboo Innovation Support?

Bamboo Innovation Support is a program of BambooVision that provides financial assistance to startups and individuals during the development process of bamboo products.

2. How can I start the process of developing a bamboo product?

The first step is to book a free consultation appointment through our website, where you can discuss your product idea and requirements.

3. What are the average costs involved in developing a new product with Bamboo Innovation Support?

On average, the cost of developing a product, including working hours, testing, and materials, amounts to around USD 2000. However, BambooVision covers most of these costs for the selected partners.

4. How long does the development process typically take?

The duration of the development process depends on the complexity and technical intricacies of the product. Some products may take several months, while others may require up to two years, as seen with the Bamboo Step for Toddlers collaboration.

5. Can you help with branding and marketing my bamboo product?

Yes, we offer assistance with packaging, labeling, and building a brand around your product to ensure effective marketing and visibility in the market.


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