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The Ultimate Cutting Board

A cutting board for life

It is important to choose a good cutting board in the kitchen, it is worth taking good care of the knives and also work on a surface that is comfortable for us. Today we would like to talk to you about some important concepts when choosing a cutting board and how to take care of it correctly.

For years, the risks of food contamination from the use of wooden boards have been debated. However, recent studies reveal that, despite their porosity, bacteria and microorganisms do not survive inside the wood, so their safety is reaffirmed for use in the kitchen.

Among the different market options, bamboo cutting boards are a very popular alternative and marketed for their ecological and sustainable properties, since bamboo is harvested faster than other traditional barks, for its good price, strength, durability and avoids the presence of bacteria on the cutting surface. That is why we developed this article, to help you choose the best cutting board made of bamboo for you.

bamboo products,  Cutting Board

In recent years, bamboo has become one of the most used materials for the manufacture of cutting boards, without a doubt, this is because it has many advantages when compared to other woods, but also because technology has evolved in such a way that it has allowed the massive manufacture of this type of tables.

 If we have decided to buy a cutting board, we will surely find in the market all kinds of shapes, materials, and sizes available. Bamboo ones also have a pretty attractive appearance and a more than affordable price. Given these reasons, let's talk about the benefits and care of bamboo cutting boards.

They are friendly to the environment

Known as "the plant of a thousand uses," bamboo is a fast-growing plant; It usually occurs organically, since its development is easy and its growth rate is high, so it is considered a sustainable and highly renewable source. 

They absorb less liquid and bacteria than wood

Bamboo cutting boards have a particularly high density, which means they offer greater resistance to water absorption. In fact, they are said to be so hard that they can damage our knives, causing them to lose their edge much faster than traditional wooden cutting boards.

They require little maintenance

One of the main reasons why bamboo cutting boards have gained popularity in recent years is because they require little maintenance, again, due to the high density they hold. By not retaining water, they are less likely to deform or crack.

However, this does not mean that it is advisable to place it in the dishwasher for cleaning, due to the high temperature that is generated. In fact, only thick plastic cutting boards are the only ones that are considered safe to be washed in the dishwasher.

That said, all we need to keep our bamboo cutting board in good condition for years is to make it a habit to dry it with a kitchen towel after washing it. Also, it is not advisable to let it soak for any reason.

bamboo products,  Cutting Board

They are more hygienic

Even maple wood, which is characterized by being quite hard, can be marked by a good chef's knife. The bad thing about this situation is that these brands will generate holes where moisture, food particles and also the accumulation of bacteria can be stored. However, bamboo is dense enough to resist knife cutting and by naturally resisting water penetration, it prevents bacteria from accumulating.

Despite this, it is always recommended to take hygienic measures to clean bamboo boards, such as using hot water and mild soap or a solution of one tablespoon of chlorine per liter of water. In addition, if we use them to cut meats, it is a good idea to disinfect them by dissolving one part of vinegar by five parts of water. Let's not forget, that in this sense, it is also advisable to use separate tables to cut meats and to cut vegetables, to avoid cross-contamination.

Our cutting boards are made from 100% Vietnamese bamboo. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be customized to fit your business or clientele.

Our round cutting boards come in a variety of sizes to fit any home or kitchen. These cutting boards are great for any type of food from meats to cheese to vegetables. They are easy to clean and dry quickly so you can reuse them multiple times in one meal.

Our square cutting boards also come in a variety of sizes, choose the best option for your home or kitchen. 

These cutting boards are great for any type of food from meats to cheese to vegetables. They are easy to clean and dry quickly so you can reuse them multiple times in one meal. 

bamboo products,  Cutting Board

Why use a Bamboovision cutting board?

  • Bamboovision cutting boards are made up of organically produced Vietnamese bamboo which is naturally anti-bacterial

  • It is very resistant and does not damage the knife thread.

  • The water does not penetrate and prevents curling. This makes it more resistant than wood.

  • It is an ecological and renewable material that grows without fertilizers or pesticides.

  • The design and feel is elegant


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