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LOADS OF STORAGE: With 9 Compartments, this tea storage will exhibit your tea selections and making it simpler to find your favourite tea! Effective and space-saving, perfect for kitchens, cabinets, workplaces, etc.


ELEGANT AND MODERN: Tea bag holders add a stylish touch to the home and can be placed on any countertop, cabinet, or table surface thanks to their elegant design and ideal, optimised dimensions. It is ideal for usage in homes, hotels, B&Bs, cafes, and more!


DURABLE MATERIAL: Premium natural bamboo, which is renowned to be wholesome, resilient, light, and beautiful, was used to make this tea bag holder. Because it is a sustainable and renewable resource, bamboo is a fantastic replacement for plastic. With some warm water and a moist towel, this bamboo coffee organiser can be swiftly cleaned.


THE PERFECT GIFT: Natural bamboo wood was used to create this tea bag holder. Bamboo is a lightweight, water- and stain-resistant sustainable material. In addition to holding tea bags, multipurpose storage containers can also hold coffee or sugar bags. This is the ideal gift if your family or friends enjoy drinking tea or coffee.


  • L: 302mm

    W: 302mm

    H: 142mm

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