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With this Natural Wooden Toothpick Holder, your toothpicks can stay clean while your kitchen has a charmingly rustic appearance! Ecologically sound! The cover on this toothpick box keeps the toothpicks dry and contaminant-free. It has a natural brown tone that blends in well with any home design. Additionally, due to its design, removing a toothpick from the box is simple.


Material: Bamboo



  • In contrast to a typical toothpick box, this wooden toothpick holder also doubles as decor.
  • The toothpick holder has a detachable cover that helps keep them dry and clean.
  • Since the base is flat, it maintains its stability and erect position while making the toothpicks freely accessible to everyone.


  • L: 46mm

    W: 46mm

    H: 56mm

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